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1. Clamshell Gate

These are welded steel simplex/duplex gates suitable for handling Stone, Coal, Clinker, Sand, Gravel, Crushed Rock, Cement, Limestone, Pet-coke, Sulphur, Fertilizer, etc. It is fast, smooth and opening with minimum force.

Motorized Clamshell Gate

Clamshell Gate


  • Single blade or double blade designs
  • Single or dual cylinder
  • Operation: Hydraulic / Pneumatic /Electrical

2. Rolling Slide Gate

Rolling Slide Gate is a heavy duty gate with a lot of operational advantages. Limit switches, activator and position indicators can be combined to interface with your control logic. If modulation is required, it can be slaved from a microprocessor or other control systems. It has a unique seal arrangement that optimizes both sealing and cleaning f the blade. Operation is hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical.

Rolling Slide Gate

3. Rack and Pinion Gate

These gates are ideal for low headroom use. They come with hand wheels of varying dimensions as well as gear reducers for added ease of opening. They are most suited for the flow control of any bulk dry material ranging from Fly Ash, Coal and Cement to Uranium Oxide, etc. Operation is manual or electrical.

Rack and Pinion Gate

4. Belt Feeder Gate

This gate is highly applicable where controlled and smooth flow with least impact is desirable. In this gate, discharge opening is aligned longitudinally with the center line of the conveyor belt, which produces an improved material profile on the belt. The belt feeder performs as a volumetric feed rate control device which can adjust to varying material flow properties. The belt feeder gate has few moving parts and consumes minimum energy. Operation is electrical, manual, pneumatic or hydraulic.

5. Shutoff Gate

Shutoff Gate is heavy duty with operational advantages. It is used for instantaneous shut-off during power failure to avoid free flow and spillage of material. It has a sturdy construction, low maintenance and simple installation. Operation is hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical.

Shutoff Gate

6. Diverter Gate

Custom made for different sizes and different diverting angles. It has a rugged construction with liners and flexible seals around the blade to arrest the leakage between the legs. Its features include heavy duty components, abrasion resistant blade and various sizes and angles of diversion. Operation is manual, pneumatic or electrical.
Non-Jamming Rolling Blade Diverter
The curved blade design of this diverter gate offers many advantages over the conventional single blade diverter. During closing, the blade will cut through the standing column of material. Hence, there is no jamming or back up problems found in this type of diverting gates. This gate is ideal for diverting coarser dry materials that have a tendency to wedge between the blade and side wall, and plug a chute. The rolling blade design eliminates jamming by having only a thin edge of blade sweeping the side wall. Special cam action of the blade provides excellent sealing capability. The operation is hydraulic, electrical or pneumatic.

Diverter Gate