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Silo Extraction Bulk Loading System

Silo Extraction Bulk Loading System

This system consists of a Flow Control Gate, Air Slide, Shut off Gate, Distribution Box, Bag Filter, Telescopic Bulk Loading system & other silo accessories.

Fly Ash/Cement can be unloaded into the silo through pneumatic conveying or using Bucket Elevator, Air Slide & Valves. The top of the silo is provided with all standard features such as manholes, balance valve, level indicator, Bag filter etc. The bottom of the Silo, is divided into a number of segments with Air slides, each at 8 -10 degrees, sloping towards their respective outlets.

From the Silo outlets, the material passes via the Flow Control Gates to the aerated collecting bin through the Air Slides. Suitable centrifugal fans are used for extraction.

Air slide aeration and rotary blower are used to aerate the aeration pad of the collecting bin. A bag filter is provided for venting of the extraction equipment, bin etc. The collecting bin can be provided with one or more outlets, which can be used for packing lines & bulk loading as well.

Bulk Loading System consist of Gates & Valves, Bag Filter, Positioner, Weighing arrangement, Telescopic Dustless Loading Spout, Control system, etc. for precisely weighing & Loading target weight into Tanker/Truck.