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1. Double Flapper Valve

It is typically used in high temperature and abrasive applications. DFV prevents both pressure loss and heat transfer between one compartment and atmosphere by its special sealing arrangement. It handles Cement, Ash, Clinker, Stringy material, etc.


  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Fewer moving parts
  • Flat contact seating surfaces are hard-faced and ground.
  • Superior wear characteristics on abrasive materials.
  • High temperature tolerance
  • Operation is pneumatic, electrical or counter weight.

2. Ramp Valve

It is a multi-purpose, tightly sealing shut off device for bulk solids or slurries. Its unique performance is achieved by better sealing arrangement, caused by the wedging action of the ramp bar between the top surface of the slide plate and the inner throat.

Our Ramp Valve incorporates

  • Superior sealing due to wedging action
  • Versatility on high temperature and/or high pressure applications.
  • Operation is manual, pneumatic or electrical

3. Coal Valve

This heavy duty valve has been specially designed for use with coal. The result is a reliable, economical valve that will operate easily with dry, dusty coal or wet, sticky coal in all weather conditions.

Advantages of the Coal Valve are:

  • Completely enclosed
  • Self-cleaning rack and pinion gear design
  • Drive and rollers are protected from the flow of the coal
  • Operation is manual or electrical

4. Rotary Air Lock Valve

This type of valve is mainly used to create a sealing effect between the Discharge Hopper and the equipment below the valve. Blades are provided with a rotor; seal off the bottom of the hopper, hence preventing air leakage while continuously extracting material from the hopper into the pneumatic conveying systems or atmosphere. It is also used for feeding and metering of bulk material such as granulates and powder from the heart of the system. Our Rotary Valves offer a wide choice and range for various applications including Two-Way Rotary Diverter.


  • Continuous operation is achieved by its rugged design
  • Blades are adjustable.
  • Different pressure differentials are achieved by adjustable blade tips
  • Different capacities are available to meet user requirement
  • Operation is electrical.